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Response to peers posts about depressive disorder in a case study

Posted on: 11 June, 2020

Response to peer posts about depressive disorder in a case study.


Depressive disorders are related to mental illness. These can be due to the economic burden, disability, and social issues. Psychologists and psychiatrists work for the fitness of patients through antidepressant medications. But studies suggest that 2/3 of patients fail to gain relief after one medication trial. 1/3 of patients fail to recover after four medication trials. Some case studies proposed that who revives with antidepressants can have it again. Half of them relapse within one year. So, there are certainly other factors essential for patients to recover from depressive disorders. This article will help with the response to peer posts about depressive disorder in a case study.

Defining the terms

Response to Peer Support about depressive disorder

U.S. government health committees defined peer support services as an element of cure from depressive disorders. Peer support services bring together non-professionals with similar stressors or health issues from a trained peer to a novice peer, for mutual assistance or unidirectional recovery. Peer help to minimize isolation, minimize the buffering effect and focuses on self-management and health importance.

There are different ways to deliver peer support. One can deliver over the telephone or internet to individuals or groups.

There are barriers to reaching peer support services. Some of these are below.

But peer support services based on self-help groups for mental well-being conditions and stressors helps the people.


So, peer support is an essential element in the recovery of depressive disorders. Peers introduce hope, the importance of health, and lively factors. Their support help patents to get the meaning of life and recognize the importance of self-care.

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