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Procedure to complete an IPIP-NEO and interpret the results

Posted on: 11 June, 2020

Procedure to complete an IPIP-NEO, interpret the results and illustrate dimensions of personalities with specific examples. Analyze which characteristics and elements of individual thoughts, feelings, and actions are impacted by situational factors. How to explain the impact of society, culture, gender, and other dimensions of variation.


The human personality structure is the topic of countless hypotheses. Everyone focuses on one or more different aspects or attributes of the personality, but none seems to find it in its full breadth, complexity, and dignity. Many hypotheses concentrate mainly on traditional variations, others on the relative production of specific characteristics and competencies. Behavioral concepts do not differentiate sufficiently between overt personality manifestations and internal motivation.

Defining the key terms:

What is IPIP-NEO:

The IPIP-NEO is a model for International Personality Item Pool. It is a personality questionnaire that evaluates people on Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Openness, Extraversion, and Agreeableness.

Situational factors affect over thoughts:

Individuals affect each other and the power of the situation is more important. Social psychologists believe that the beliefs, emotions, and actions of a person are profoundly affected by social circumstances. Essentially, people change their behavior to align with the current social situation.


Our culture contributes greatly to the development of our faiths and values. That is why cultural psychologists believe that culture affects one 's personality. Moreover, gender differences also affect the personality traits that a person possesses.

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